Zombies are the main antagonistic entities, compromising of human beings contaminated with the H1Z1 virus. The population of zombies is known as the Infected.


Zombies spawn within the player dependently based on visual contact by looking at the player or acoustic contact by observing sounds exerted from the player. Zombies also respond to features of the environment that might also be beneficial. This includes killing other entities for food, such as wolves and deer.

Conventionally known for requiring a high level of strategy and tactical planning, collections of zombies called hordes spawn within the map.

Combat Edit

Fighting a zombie can be difficult at close range. Using a weapon like a bow and firing an arrow from a safe distance is more safe and quicker at dispatching zombies if you land a headshot.

Loot Edit

Zombies are reported to drop loot on occasion in the current alpha build, not all zombies drop loot but those that do may drop loot bags. Their corpses may also be attacked with a sharp weapon to produce cloth scraps.