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The H1Z1 epidemic has driven civilization to a post-apocalyptic state. Alas, there is no zombie-free paradise, and you must use your skill and wits to survive against the elements, hordes of undead, and of course thousands of potentially hostile survivors. As an open PvP game, some players may be out to manipulate you; some may honestly be trying to help. Band together or fight each other for precious loot? Your choice.

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H1Z1 The Easy Life Official Early Access Launch Trailer-2

H1Z1 The Easy Life Official Early Access Launch Trailer-2

The Easy Life


Bubba's Truck Stop Pisspot Creek
Bumjick Farms Pleasant Valley
Cranberry K69.0 FM Radio Station
De Soto Service Stop Ranchito Taquito
Dragon Lake Ruby Lake
Hemingtonway Truck Stop Runamok Campsite
Humperdink Gorge Runamok River
Lone Pine Development Spence Hills
Misty Peak Dam Veeshan's Peak
Mosquito River The Villas Development 
Opfer Wilderness Camp
Wake Hills Hamlet
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